Welcome! I am happy to help you relax, relieve tension and stress. I will do my best for you to leave your session rebalanced, realigned and restored! My practice has a foundation in the the physical and energetic anatomies. I have extensive professional training. You can download my CV from the “About Debra” page on my website. https://www.energypathwaystoharmony.com/about-debra *The calendar is available 35 days out. If you are unable to find a slot, I can put you on my waitlist. Please email me at: DebraBernath@energypathwaystoharmony.com *First-time prenatal and non-prenatal clients will be confirmed for appointment after a conversation on the phone or email exchange and will need to fill out a secure online health-intake form which will be emailed. * All prices are with sales tax. Bring doctors note for massage for no sales tax added. * Please ask about Harmony Series Packages.

Service Offerings

  • Therapeutic Integrated Massage and Mana Lomi®
  • Qigong Meridian Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Structural Reflexology®
  • Round Belly Massage (perinatal massage; all aspects-before, during and after)
  • Raindrop Massage


    Mon:   10 am - 12:30 pm and 4 - 7pm
    Tues:   11:45-1:15 pm and 4 - 7 pm
    Wed:    4 - 7 pm 
    Thur:   Not Available
    Fri:      9 am - 12pm and 3-5 pm
    Sat:     9 am - 12 pm (every other week) 

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